As you all know Vybez is practically a lifestyle website, and we will continue to grow as that through our mobile app that’ll be launched this summer. We want you to discover an event tailored to your taste as well as enjoy your travels. We recently spoke to a 19 year old traveler as well as viewed his blog He has been traveling all his life but started traveling independently at the age of 18. He dropped out of college and followed his dreams. We are full supporters of young entrepreneurs and wanted to make sure we connected with Jeremy. Here are a few questions we asked Jeremy related to him traveling.


1) What your name and what motivated you to start a blog?

Jeremy Noronha, I wanted to start an online business but didn’t have any capital to start something big! Also I wanted to share my story with people as I realized the positive effects it has had on people’s lives.
2) How has traveling impacted your life ?

Traveling has pushed me to my limits and out of my comfort zone and exposed me to a lot of amazing experiences. After traveling for nearly a year full time, the one thing I know for certain is that kindness doesn’t need a language.

3) As of now where are you located?

As I write this I’m in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. I left Vietnam after spending a couple of months there and just made my way to Laos yesterday.

4) How old were you when you first started traveling?

I had traveled since I was a kid with my parents, however, I went on my first solo trip when I was 18, it was a few months after that, that I began traveling full time at the same age.

5) What is some helpful tips you’d give to someone that wants to start traveling ? 

Be cautious, however, trust strangers and you will have the best of tales. Except for the few 0.001%, people will rather help you than hurt you. Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, adventure is out there.
6) Do you ever plan on settling down in a specific country?

I know I’m going to settle down somewhere eventually. I just don’t know where or when. I have the entire rest of my life to figure that out, I’m 19-years-old so I got a lot of time to figure that out. No particular country in mind yet.The entire world is my oyster.


We enjoyed connecting with Jeremy and if you ever want to connect with him yourself, here is his social media 🙂

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